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    Default a hot full-length foot film...

    I stumbled upon an online foot film site and they really have me swinging from the chandelier with a banana up my ass! The outfit is and is related to a German site (the de stands for Deutschland.) They have a supply of 30 full-length films which you can download in DVD quality (for about $60 each) or what seems to be video cassette quality (for about $40.) Since my name is El Cheapo and I like food almost as much as feet, I opted for the 40 dollar deal. It took me 3 hours to download and then I watched it.

    The title is "Foot Sex" (Foot Slave #29) and the scenery looks like Florida. The plot is simple. In a park by the ocean, a hoodlum tries to run off with the bag of another dude. The dude apprehends the hoodlum, drags him to his nearby apartment and punishes him by making him worship his feet for an hour and a half. Yes, an hour and a half!

    That's the longest I've ever seen a foot worship scene run and it never lets up. The director keeps it interesting by shifting positions, angles, perspectives constantly. The shrimper, who is absolutely gorgeous, sucks on toes, then heels, then insteps. The shrimpée stands, sits, squats, lies on bed on stomach, lies on bed facing ceiling, kneels, sits on chair, lies across chair, sits on top of back of chair, affording the hoodum a different approach to his feet every time.

    It works. I haven't been so involved in a film since William Higgins came out with "Barefoot in Prague." Yes, in these times $40 and $60 can buy a lot of groceries. And yes, 3 hours is a long time for the downloading process. But I'm really happy to have found this source for full-length films. When's the last time you waltzed into your neighborhood video store and asked for the latest foot fetish blockbuster? See what I mean?

    Why are the Germans so good at making this kind of erotica? It must be something in the water! What are those famous rivers, the Danube and the Rhein... Maybe it's my imagination, but after watching the film, I'm getting the wildest craving for sauerkraut, umlauts, and blond bare feet!
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    Hi Ftlaudft,

    Since I don't know you, I probably shouldn't say this, but I'm of the opinion that your priorities are seriously screwed up. To most normal podophiliacs, food comes as a distant second to foot sex. Why, I'd go for at least a week without eating if the money saved would help me to get some pretty guy-feet on my face. Hell, I'd go on a long hunger strike if I thought that it would do any good! Maybe that's just because, at my age, I ain't gettin' nothin' these days. And, oh my gosh, do those clips look enticing at I've seen #3 somewhere before, called Foot Guys (the video is on sale, by the way, for 50% off) but didn't know where it came from, so thanks so much for bringing this site to our attention. I can't wait to get back to Tampa, where I have access to really fast connectivity. I live and travel in an RV (currently in Palm Springs) where my service is way too slow for even the lesser quality videos, and even the clips can take a long time to load. Happily I'll be back to Florida by the end of the month and will really have something to look forward to.

    Anyway, if I haven't offended you too much with my comment about your priorities perhaps you'd answer a couple of questions about the video that you downloaded. Is there any nudity or sex? I tend to like a little suckin' and fuckin' to go along with my foot worshipin', but the clips that I have looked at are not very promising from that standpoint. In your descriptions that I've read before (e.g. regarding Nolan at ToeGasms) you go into the cock & cum aspects pretty thoroughly (so vividly that I get sticky wet just reading your comments; you should write some stories; maybe you have, but I digress). In this case you say nothing in that regard, so I'm slightly nervous that there may be some important lacunae in these otherwise sterling presentations. I tried finding scene descriptions to no avail, and went to to see if there was any information, but it just leads to the same Web page as Any information that you can impart about this crucial issue would be very greatly appreciated. The lack of suck-and-squirt won't keep me from acquiring at least a couple of the videos because, from the clips, the foot action looks pretty intense and passionate, plus there is plenty of sole-lovin' which I can't get enough of. I just want to be prepared so as to avoid disappointment. Of course, I know that you probably can only speak to the one video that you've downloaded, but it may be indicative.

    Second quick question: In the video that you acquired, do they ever show the feet of the really cute guy who is forced to service the other guy for most of the show, or is it only the shrimpee (as you put it) whose feet are featured?

    Finally, being of pure German ancestry, I want to thank you on behalf of my people for your kind words of high praise for our devotion to kinky erotica. I assure you, however, that it has nothing to do with das Wasser vom Rhein Fluss. Es ist die Bratwurst und die Schweinefüße. It's from eating so much bratwurst -- long, thick, succulent Bratwurst. And pickled pigs feet, of course!

    Archie Springer

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    Hi Archie! I've discovered several German outfits recently and have been delighted with the purchases I've made. Any difficulties I've had in ordering or downloading have been problems caused by my lack of expertise in using the computer.

    There is oral sex in "Foot Sex" from but most of their films, judging from the previews, offer only foot worship. But the foot worship they offer is the best, the models I've seen are really gorgeous, and the quality of the film-making is very high. When you visit the site, they have boxes that show the previews and you can size up the models to see if they are your type or not. The two guys in "FootSex" are both nice looking and the shrimper/hoodlum who is forced to worship feet for an hour and a half is drop dead handsome. The photography is great and the director knows how to keep things moving to maintain interest. The sex is limited to oral sex at the end of the film and it's OK but not the highlight of the picture. I do like the idea of foot action combined with explicit sex and the one without the other means less than total satisfaction. Here the sex is good enough to make it a satisfying film and the little surprise is that it is the shrimpée who first pulls out the pecker of the shrimper and sucks away. The handsome hoodlum shrimper does have beautiful feet which are shown close up several times but never receive the slurping attention they deserve. I want to emphasize again that the hoodlum shrimper does the most passionate and intense foot worship I have seen to date on film.

    The other film I purchased from is Foot Slave #3, on sale for $30. Like you, I saw scenes from it on YouTube, I gather there is only foot action - no genital sex, and I can't say any more because I've seen only the first half. My computer recorded only the first half and the staff at immediately forwarded a new password so I could download what was missing. But my computer, to "protect" my security, sends me pop-up messages that prevent me from accessing the page I need for downloading. I'm barely computer literate so I don't resolve these issues as quickly as the experts, but it's not the fault of whose staff has been very courteous, prompt and obliging.

    Another group, also German, that offers foot action on films you can download is sk8erboy. They can be reached at and offer much foot action and also excellent sex. Their film "Boy Catcher" is a hot one and my favorite of the dozen or so that are now available. I have a post somewhere around here raving about it and it might give you an idea as to what to expect.

    A third group that has done very interesting work is Luxure. Their videos are available from and you can see some of their finest right here at FootBuddies VOD Theater. Check out Cop Control parts 1 and 2. The Sneaker Sex series is another fun one. The director is Oliver Lück (or Aly Lyck) and, you guessed it, he's German!

    I still suspect that the great success of the Germans in porn has something to do with the water. Or it may be the high altitude of the mountains that leads to Alpine slurpitude. Well, that would explain the homos of the highlands. But what about the lowlands? Perhaps we'll never know. Some things are better simply enjoyed without questioning, like apple strudel, bare feet and orgasms!
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    While we're thinking about good foot porn, especially the great stuff from abroad, I'd like to mention again the film "Boy Catcher," which I described more thoroughly in another post "Sk8erboy: toejobs and blowjobs German-style..." That post is now on page 2 here and the film is one that I heartily recommend as a permanent acquisiton for anyone's personal library of foot porn.

    Sk8erboy does have other purple patch moments and I just watched another of their successes, "Bad Boyz." "Bad Boyz" also has exciting moments but if I may be a little negative for a moment, I'd like to mention the last scene, which has hot, hot sex with two of my favorite models, Justin and Marcel, who fornicate intensely with two others. In this scene, there are altogether eight feet. Eight feet - but only ONE bare foot during the entire sex scene! All the other feet belonging to these excellent almost nude lovers have socks on! Why? I simply can't understand! Life has moments of heartbreak for everyone. Even in beautiful Florida, you can run out of tequila during a hurricane, find an alligator in your swimming pool - or watch a sex scene where all the participants wear socks!

    But do consider Sk8erboy's "Boy Catcher" and buyfoot's "Foot Sex" (Foot Slave 29) for your permanent collection. It would be great to cross the ocean, climb a mountain and whisper to a barefoot shepherd "Your Alp or mine?" But until that happy day these films may offer some relief.
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