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Thread: I just had an amazing moment!!

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    Default I just had an amazing moment!!

    So about a year ago we got new neighbors and the man is a bit older but really cool and has nice feet. Little did I know how cool. So I just went outside and decided to ask him about something in his garage and we were sitting and talking and I don't know how but I mustered up the courage and straight up asked if it would be cool if I could take some pictures of his feet. He was the coolest and was like "sure everyone has their thing and he let me take several shots of his feet both tops and soles!

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    He sounds like a nice neighbor!

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    He is totally cool. I thought i'd take a shot and again mustering up insane courage, I just went over and asked politely if there was maybe any interest in letting me treat him to a worship session. He very politely declined unfortunately (which I expected) and I thanked him for at least indulging me and he said it was no problem.

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