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Thread: Pro Wrestlers

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    Default Tyler Bate vs. Matt Riddle

    So a little backstory, this was a match in a tournament at the beginning of the summer. Matt Riddle is known for wrestling barefoot as he came from UFC to pro wrestling and it became part of his gimmick. To get on his level so to speak and get in his head for this match, Tyler decided to take his boots and socks off and wrestle the match barefoot as well.

    Bate-Riddle 1.jpgBate-Riddle 2.jpg

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    Default Chris Masters

    A couple more of Masters from his and his girlfriend's Instagrams.

    21041569_1092326054232737_1482410053863473152_n.jpgMasters 2.jpg

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    Default PJ Black/Justin Gabriel

    Yet another from his Twitter.

    PJ Black 5.jpg

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    Default "Sexy Kev" Kevin Lloyd

    British indy wrestler Kevin Lloyd from his Instagram.


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