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    Quote Originally Posted by vinnie100 View Post
    Oh god!! Amazing!! You really are a legend!!
    Those Justin Gabriel feet shots are really rare and never seen any of them - very happy to see some of his soles and toe shape shots
    And those Randy Orton shots are tasty - Randy Orton vs Fandango is one of my hottest fantasies - and I think Randy may just be winning on feet so far (sorry Fandango) - ahh him stretching his feet on DVD would be great if you're able to find it again!
    Zack Ryder is hot but his toes look a little alieny quite like Justin from your shots - but I love Justin's soles and haven't seen Zack's soles yet...but so far Justin Gabriel vs Zack Ryder - Justin is winning feetwise for me personally.

    So far I'm going to have a very pleasant evening and it's thanks to you!!!
    Two of those newer Randy pictures are the DVD shots I was referring to.

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    Default Justin Gabriel/PJ Black

    Some more from his twitter.

    PJ Black 3.jpgPJ Black 4.jpg

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    Oh wow! So glad you managed to share those DVD shots then as those Randy tops are special!
    And wowww those Justin Gabriel pics have made his feet look better to me Yum is all I can say!

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    Default Tyler Bate

    Yet another new one from Tyler. He is liking posting pics of his feet in these slides lol


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    Default Mojo Rawley

    First picture of Mojo i've found for my collection!


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    Default Corey Graves

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    Default Daniel Bryan

    Currently retired wrestler Daniel Bryan.


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    Amazing finds once again! So many tasty wrestlers feet - would be awesome to smell them all just under their toes but at the upper part of their sole after a sweaty wrestling match

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