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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    shower nostalgia: a hand spray retrospective...

    I feel the hand spray hit behind my balls.
    The tingle calls to mind your awesome feet
    whose tickling used to drive me up the walls,
    whose barefoot jack-off was the utmost treat.
    Nobody knows
    how good it felt to cum between your toes...

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    the perineum trail...

    There is a lovely spot behind my balls
    that can't resist the wiggle of your toes.
    The perineum trail has many halls
    only a barefoot lover really knows;
    a mystic path
    where angels stoop to give their feet a bath...

    Whose perineum trail do you want to explore?

    Do you have one model in particular from MFF that you would like to explore? Or are you like me making a list that may never end...

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    dream cruise...

    In dreams I took an ocean cruise, all male,
    with guys whose love of feet made them unique.
    The jack-off hour began when we set sail
    and barefoot dudes whacked off for one full week.
    Toes in my mouth,
    I can't recall if we went north or south...

    Ricky Larkin is the handsome stud featured in today's MFF photoshoot. Ricky appears in many clips of my favorite kind, a clip in which foot worship is combined with nudity and jack-off. See his clips with Hugh Hunter and Connor Maguire. Ricky gives and receives with real enthusiasm. Now, I was never on an all-male ocean liner. But I did have an adventure in a rowboat with a gorgeous barefoot hunk. It's a miracle the boat didn't capsize!

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    foot rape? you decide...

    He claims I rape his foot. That's pretty silly.
    You think that I'm some kind of hilly billy?
    It's true sometimes at night I steal his sock
    and hold his luscious sole against my cock.
    But I don't jiggle!
    I cum because his toes know how to wiggle...

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    What does it mean, this whirl of smells and feet?
    Musician, artist, painter, poet, dancer
    sing out these lines and never skip a beat:
    Life is the question; love, the only answer!
    They may be right.
    I'll ask a barefoot friend in bed tonight...

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    options and possibilities...

    Options and possibilities with feet
    abound when barefoot models 69.
    The proof that feet make sex acts still more sweet
    lies in their hard ons - theirs and yours and mine.
    Oh, what they do!
    Just watch! I think you'll learn a thing or two...

    Christian Wilde is the super-gorgeous size 14 model in today's offering at MyFriendsFeet. I always first check out the other clips a model may have made and I see he did a foot sex clip with Link. That's the clip that inspired the above. Christian and Link do a foot 69 that will blow up your computer screen and then they have foot sex. In today's clip, Julian and Cameron are the two hunks who make a trio with Christian as they shrimp him with their usual passion and enthusiasm. A trio! Why didn't they ask me to join them for a quartet? But he has only two feet, you say, and they're already taken. Fear not! I would have found something to suck...
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    comparing the toejam of the gods with comparable mortal foot gunk: is there really much of a difference?

    Zeus with a hard on is no less divine.
    Some gods get blue balls just like you and me.
    We're more alike than moralists opine.
    The feet of men and gods stink equally.
    And there are those
    who feel it's heaven when they sniff men's toes...

    I have to admit looking at Christian Wilde's clips again inspired the above. His face, feet and crotch are both heavenly and divine. He's the best of who we are. With or without facial hair he's got my vote in all categories...

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    pithy myths...

    Bacchus, when asked if he fellates Apollo,
    admits he does but claims he doesn't swallow.
    This god of booze and binges gets so soused
    he has to be detoxed and then deloused.
    Bacchus, you know,
    was caught once sucking Jupiter's big toe...

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    I sometimes wonder how we loved so much
    that night you gave to me your barefoot touch.
    It's still my masturbation fantasy
    rememb'ring how your bare feet mastered me.
    I felt such joy.
    You were all feet. I was your harem boy...

    Inspired by MFF's Link in his many foot sex clips with Braden, Jeremy, Cameron and others. WOW! When your jack-off hour needs a foot lift, these clips are where you want to go!
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