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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    thumbs and big toes...

    "The dude's all thumbs" means he's a clumsy guy.
    But thumbs have special charms, and so do toes.
    Thumbs on a dick can make a grown man cry
    for jack-off joy as every big boy knows.
    Jerk with a thumb!
    Suck a big toe and watch the big boy cum...
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    barefoot jack-off session with sloppy finish...

    Your big toe taps against my dick politely,
    helping create a great rapport between us.
    Toes that caress and stroke ever so lightly
    impel at last my flagellated penis
    to flip and flop.
    Look at the mess you made! You better stop...

    Stop - unless of course your name is Ken or Dustin or Connor or Ricky, in which case just keep on doing whatever you're doing. Just be sure to let us know where you want us to sit or stand or lie down, in which position, which body parts you think we should lubricate and if we need a safe word...

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    in midnight darkness...

    In midnight darkness I make love to feet.
    Your toes and soles give naked satisfaction
    to all my secret longings. Oh, how sweet
    the barefoot taste that crowns my sucking action!
    Your toes seduce me.
    I flinch a little when they try to goose me...

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    sometimes an apple for the teacher isn't quite enough...''

    The bedroom door is open. I pass by.
    He lies face down and naked on the bed.
    An ecstasy of feet assaults my eye.
    I see those feet as pillows for my head.

    Long soles are barefoot gardens of delight
    with toes like fruit low-hanging from a tree.
    I yield to feet and passion in the night.
    He wakes. He smiles. I think he knows it's me...

    Cameron teaches the teacher a thing or two in today's clip from MyFriendsFeet. He gives teacher's pet a whole new meaning... Teacher Darin gives everything he has for his students. I do mean everything...
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    so hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you, good buddy! We try!

    sensuality unleashed...

    I want to coddle feet. I want to cuddle
    until my undergarments show a puddle.
    I want to press your feet in an embrace
    until your soles have memorized my face.
    I want to know
    the secret pleasantries of your big toe...

    Cover my nakedness with your bare feet.
    Be for my balls a jockstrap's barefoot cup.
    Wiggle your toes. Release their secented heat.
    Jiggle my dick until we see what's up.
    Barefoot me, dude!
    Tickle me with your toes! I'm in the mood!...
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    impressionistic jerk-off...

    I feel the naked satin of his soles
    cupping my balls. He knows I love the feel.
    Toes work me like enamoured tootsie rolls.
    End punctuation jabs me with a heel.

    My world becomes a magical sensation
    of feet and balls that reach an understanding.
    I help with comprehensive masturbation
    to guide my penis to a barefoot landing...

    Super sex bombs Cameron and Link both appear in MFF foot clips with very happy endings. I watch them repeatedly. If you wonder why I watch them repeatedly, just keep watching and the answer will come to you in an unexpected but very pleasant way...
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    today's clip...

    His penis is a tow'r that tongues must climb
    to reach the perch where secret passions dwell.
    He has a body tongues must rim and rhyme
    to reach that special taste, that awesome smell.
    Barefoot and nude,
    he pounds away. Now, that's my kind of dude...

    Ricky Larkin stars in today's worship clip from MyFriendsFeet, so you know from the start it will be a hot one. New model Jack shows off a really beautiful dick and pair of bare feet. I mean, if you like that sort of thing...

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    fantasy on a clip..

    I kiss his balls. His fingers pound away.
    Ecstasy gets a private taste testicular.
    Balls flapping on my lips bring into play
    exotic smells to crotch alone particular
    .He pounds. I suck.
    He cums on me, I think, "Oh, what the f--k!"...

    This is just a private fantasy. I hope nobody gets offended...

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