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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    ace in the hole...

    He pulls it out and flirts.
    He plugs me 'til it squirts.
    Ignoring laws Levitical,
    he does things sodomitical
    and boy! that really hurts...

    reviewing Ace's photoshoot...sigh...sob...muffled grunts from a successful but rather sloppy jack-off session...

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    a barefoot rush...

    I sucked his toes and got a barefoot rush
    fulfilling dreams I never knew I had.
    My brain and all my heart dissolved in mush
    as taste and smell made me a happy lad.
    I felt connected.
    For the first time I saw my dreams perfected...

    Sorry I can't tell you who inspired this. It was noisy on the bus and I didn't quite get the dude's name...

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    body bingo...

    We played at Body Bingo. When I won,
    I got the right to choose a body part
    to fondle for a little homo fun.
    The dude was sure his cock was where I'd start.

    Some think exclusively in terms of cocks.
    But cock is not the body part I chose.
    Removing first his shoes and then his socks,
    I sucked the virgin from his virgin toes...

    Who would you like to play Body Bingo with? We'd love to see your pictures...

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    erotic, wonderful, sublime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

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    You're the best, Stu! You always make me feel wonderful and sublime!!!

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    blue balls...

    I have a pain that will not go away.
    I saw him barefoot when he first arose
    and kissed his feet in early morning play.
    Now all my universe is his bare toes.
    Their taste and smell
    ravish my senses and my soul as well...

    There is a model at MFF who spells his name Jeremeye. Many of the principal models have worshiped his huge feet and why not? There are guys who are really beautiful and then there are guys who are so beautiful they hurt. That's the kind of inspirational beauty that got me going on this poem. What a handsome stud! And big beautiful feet on top of it!

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    blue balls 2...

    My aching heart like cheese is full of holes
    longing for touches from your big bare feet.
    Asphyxiate me with your massive soles.
    Smother me in a blast of barefoot heat.
    Let me suck slowly
    big toes the way I suck your rolly-polly...

    Inspired by watching Cameron work on Jeremeye's big toes. Jeremeye has really beautiful feet but when you see a real foot-sucking artiste work on them, then you see their beauty in all their glory.
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    His massive feet that vandalize my crotch,
    my face, my sphincter force me to give up.
    A stimulated penis and a splotch
    leave tell-tale stains on my athletic cup.
    What can I say?
    He does this every night. D'ya think he's gay?

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