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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    Where are the fucks of yesterday? I think
    of love gone by and sniff the barefoot stink
    of your old sox. It's all you left behind.
    I fucked your feet and almost lost my mind
    in utter joy.
    You squeezed my balls and called me Honey Boy...

    To see stunning details showing this particular deed, see the clips of Ricky and Killian, Christian and Link, and many others at MyFriendsFeet.

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    We cuddled and I felt against my side
    his genitals flap lightly to and fro.
    Passions grew hard. As inhibitions died,
    love featured anal probes and tastes of toe.
    Fellatio screeched
    and slurped 'til both our Moby Dicks got beached...

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    Two pillows placed at foot and head of bed
    feature each one bare feet beside a head.
    Two nudies slurp in a foot 69
    sucking on toes as tho they were fine wine.
    Look at them eat!
    Barefoot McDonalds gobble beefy feet...

    Ricky shows off his wonderful talents in the clip from MFF today. What an animal! Wouldn't you love to spend a night in his cage...

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    A barefoot bugger stuffed my mouth with toes
    to see how far a big toe really goes.
    Toes rammed my throat 'til I began to gag.
    I didn't mind cuz I'm a footsy fag.
    Feet feed my hunger.
    I do it all. Nobody's getting younger...

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    Feet are my destiny so bring 'em on!
    My fav'rite brothel is a foot salon
    where hotties rent their toes to a fine fellow
    and rub a tummy like a bowl of jello.
    You shrimp like hell!
    They give you socks to take back home and smell...
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    I throw my poems into the morning light
    to fly with angels in unending day.
    The barefoot joys, the man to man delight
    will shine forever in a mystic way.
    Our loves will be
    each one a drop in the eternal sea...

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    I want to make a man to man connection
    between my open mouth and your erection.
    I want to feel you pump a pound of passion
    into my mouth in military fashion.
    I want to kiss
    that lovely thing you use to play and piss.

    Then show me as your buddy and first mate
    how you can use your feet to masturbate.
    I want to feel your soles slide on my balls,
    rubbing my dick until I climb the walls.
    While angels peep,
    I'll lick your tits until we fall asleep...

    I've been watching the MFF worship clips of Ricky with Blayne and Connor Maguire. That guy is so hot. When anyone asks what foot guys can do together, tell them Ricky has all the answers...

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    He gave his balls and dick but not his heart.
    I didn't care. At least I got his feet.
    The dude's affection isn't worth a fart.
    But oh! those toes - they radiate a heat
    that burns my brain
    and slaps my testes with a goofy pain...

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    hard as a rock again!!!!!!!

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