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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    porn feet rhapsody: the foot models who teach us what we needed to know...

    You're beautiful with bare feet in your face.
    A dude's bare toes define, refine your features.
    Feet in your crotch have found a happy place.
    Your barefoot freedom liberates us creatures.

    We watch you on computer screens and follow
    your lead in jerking off. Oh, yes, we do!
    Sometimes we're with a friend. Sometimes we swallow
    a dream you share with guys you never knew.

    You teach the joy of sex by sucking toes
    and letting feet probe, fondle, even wank you.
    We imitate with toes stuck in our nose,
    and kiss your hand, your feet, your ass to thank you!!!

    Inspired by Ricky Larkin, Cameron, Justin, Link and all those good buddies who show us how to have good healthy foot fun. They make this planet a better place and show us we have a real place here...
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    like magic robes...

    He wears his nakedness like magic robes.
    Balls are the centerpiece of their design.
    His penis tingles as a servant probes
    the secrets of his toes. Love is the wine
    that gives the two
    the barefoot passion for the things they do...

    Darin is the manly hunk whose pics we see today at MyFriendsFeet. In a previously published clip, he gets his feet worshiped by that sex bomb Cameron. In the clip, Darin is a professor, but when you see how Cameron works his talented tongue between Darin's bare toes, you will wonder who is really teaching whom...

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    the barefoot gods of Mt Olympus...

    I dreamt the barefoot gods of Mt Olympus
    came to my bed and said,, "Ya gotta shrimp us!"
    I sucked a toe or two. It wasn't bad,
    but not much better than the toes I've had.
    The gods are mighty,
    but so's my neighbor when he drops his nighty...

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    well done, and lots of fun!!!!!!!!!!!! lol...

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    Thanks, Stu! Love a little! Laugh a little! Life has its moments...

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    the ballsy gift...

    I share my bed and balls with barefoot men
    whose journeys seem to intersect with mine.
    I learn from them humanity, and when
    we kiss, we turn life's water into wine.
    Love blesses love.
    Even the ballsy gift is from above...

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    My dick is programmed to react to feet.
    When love comes strolling barefoot down the street,
    my penis pays attention and reacts.
    Don't call me crude. I just report the facts.
    There's a connection
    between bae feet and my playtime erection...

    For a fast playtime erection, watch MFF playboy Cameron get dominated by Foot dom Ray today. Ray has a gorgeous body and doesn't have to ask twice...

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    Ray gives Cameron a foot facial...
    He slides bare soles across your handsome cheeks.
    An aromatic foot perfume anoints you.
    You're in a paradise for footsie freaks.
    Feet feed a love that never disappoints you.
    His barefoot sweat
    reminds you why your underwear is wet...
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    cum shot...

    His cum shot is a liquid angel streaking
    a gooey arch of white. We watch it land
    upon a startled nipple. Guys are leaking.
    They see the magic trick and try their hand.
    None can compete.
    He wins. We stand in line to kiss his feet...

    Inspired by Ray's cum shot in the clip in which Ricky Larkin worships Ray's feet. The shot is spectacular and has an instant replay. Watch it and try to compete, but my guess is that Ray will always win...
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    sex and consequences...

    Barefoot, bare-assed, bare everything, my hero -
    I fiddle with your dick the same way Nero
    once fiddled while Rome burned, and when you cum,
    I suck your toes like babies suck a thumb.
    You cum! I shrimp!
    The toes are happy and the dick is limp...

    Inspired by - well, you don't expect me to remember everything, do you?...

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