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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    rolly-polly 2: fantasy continued...

    Give me your body warmth. It will protect me
    even as sexy body parts erect me.
    Give me you soles to plant against my chest.
    I'll suck each toe to see which tastes the best.
    If we go swimming,
    I'll flip ya over for a little rimming...

    Caution! Do not try this fantasy at home. This is a professional fantasy for ho's and pro's only!
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    rolly-polly 3: just one big toe...

    Just one big toe - that's all I ask of you.
    A rolly-polly suck is what I'll do
    on that big toe until lips feel content,
    forever stained with your sweet barefoot scent.
    Just one big toe -
    your rolly-polly doesn't have to know...

    I was just checking out Ace's photoshoot to decide which of his two big toes I would choose. The one I choose will be the poster toe for defining the rolly-polly toe suck... That man is so handsome...
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    He was my friend, my best, my truest friend.
    Sometimes my thoughts bring back from far away
    our springtime love that bloomed and would not end
    when we were young and barefoot all the day.
    I'm not sure where.
    Beyond the moon and stars I know he's there...

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    so excellent, so expressive, so god damn erotic!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you, Stu! Always glad when someone likes it!

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    J 2...

    I see him in the shadows as a smile,
    a boyish grin still smiling thru the years.
    The love of yesterday comes back a while.
    We were two happy young and barefoot queers.
    I now know why
    we loved so much but never said goodby...

    I've been thinking a lot about the first great love of my youth. J taught me it was OK to love another guy and he showed me how. I close my eyes and his wonderful smile appears and still supports me today. We never said goodby. The magic and the truth of everything he represents stays with me and helps me make sense out of everything.

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    something in his toes...

    He never wowed me with a rose bouquet.
    He never dazzled me with spiffy clothes.
    What was his charm? I really have to say
    it all began with something in his toes.
    With simple art
    his bare feet danced a tango in my heart...

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