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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    im like a brick, time to go do something about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You're not alone there, buddy. Here are my thoughts on the subject.

    simple observations...

    A perky penis and a plump big toe
    are proof enough for me that life is good.
    When guys beat off to let the juices flow,
    it's natural. They're doing what they should.
    Nature is kind.
    It drains the swamp when balls get in a bind...

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    snap! crackle! pop!

    Barefoot between my lips, he masturbates.
    His sphincter blows a kiss to busy toes.
    We're in the world a secret dream creates.
    His sphincter winks and smiles because it knows.
    I watch him cum.
    His hole snaps shut. Toes clench. My lips grow numb...

    Inspired by watching a number of Cameron's foot worship vids at MFF in which his partner gets so excited he beats off in ecstasy. I always like that plot.

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    to a footbuddy pioneer...

    Because you dared to open up your heart
    and show your special love, somewhere, someday,
    a shy young man will to his friend impart
    the longings of his soul in that same way
    and feel it right
    to kiss his feet and love him thru the night...

    Just who is a footbuddy pioneer? Well, maybe you are, if you ever posted a pic, commented on an article, contributed an opinion or shared an experience at this site or another foot site.
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    foot smarts...

    Yes, they are barefoot, but the action starts
    when underpants come off and dicks start flopping.
    Bare feet on penis show extreme foot smarts.
    You know that once they start they won't be stopping.
    Watching them cum,
    I touch myself and suck a juicy plum...

    Brendan is the star of the current tickle flic at MFF. But the film that inspired the above is a recent vid Brendan made with that Prince of Foot Charmers
    Cameron at MFF in which the two flaunt their ample equipment and put on a foot and dick show that will definitely make you want to - well, touch something and suck a plum...

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    a ninja tale...

    A barefoot ninja stubbed his toe on me
    and wiggled feet in intimate positions.
    He worked his toes with great dexterity.
    In fact we squirted mutual emissions.
    What can I say?
    I always wondered if the guy was gay...

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    I feel his naked soles against my leg,
    rubbing my ankles, calves, with barefoot lust.
    When passion overwhelms, I yield and beg
    that he complete the act we know he must.
    Toes grip my penis.
    The veils of paradise fall down between us...

    There are some good foot sex videos at MFF, such as the recent one with Brendan and Cameron. It may be a good idea to consider not being too robust during foreplay. A dick isn't a football and you're not playing soccer. In fact many guys prefer to use just one foot for the rubbing action of sole on penis. Find the sensitive spot of your partner's penis right below his mushroom head and vary the pressure and rhythm of stroking as the act progresses. The sensitive spot on the underside of your partner's penis should be treated sensitively and some partners wait until the penis is fully erect before they even begin the stroking with the lubricated toes and sole of one foot. How do you get the penis fully erect? My goodness, child! Do I have to tell you everything?
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    first love...

    I often think of my first love and wonder
    what was, what is and then what might have been.
    He was the lightning of my life, the thunder
    that broke archaic codes of guilt and sin.
    He took me where
    good souls walk barefoot, free from ev'ry care...

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    Two sexy dudes get barefoot far away
    in games of sniff and suck with naked toes.
    I join them thru the pow'r of cyberplay.
    Bare feet and cyber magic! Passion grows.
    Come join us, too!
    We'll be an army by the time we're thru...

    Inspired by MFF's new clip of Dev and Cameron working their foot magic. Were you part of the orgy, too? We won't tell!

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    I blow for toe...

    He beats off nightly on his king size bed.
    What else is king size are his two bare feet.
    To get those feet I gladly give him head.
    OK, it's sleazy, but we're both discreet.
    I blow for toe.
    (I'm legal, clean and safe, just so you know.)

    Inspired by the MFF clip in which Cameron shrimps Colt Rivers to climax. Their sexual energy is so strong it seems to come right thru the computer screen!

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