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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    song of the pebble...

    Were I the lucky pebble in your shoe,
    I'd shoot a little prick of pain to you.
    Then I'd absorb your foot stink, if I could,
    and wallow in your scent. Oh, yes, I would!
    Make me your pebble!
    Squeeze me with toes until my voice sings treble..

    Jackson Grant is the handsome tickle victim over at MFF today. He has a really beautiful penis. I mean, if you like that sort of thing. And wouldn't you like to be a pebble in HIS shoe...
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    a barefoot kiss: the mystical journey...

    I press your naked toes against my lips.
    A barefoot kiss brings to my soul a smile.
    When time has cancelled us with an eclipse,
    tho all is gone, my smile will last a while
    and then ascend
    to where our smiles of love can never end...

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    love and the coffee table...

    Bare feet and roses on the coffee table
    combine to offer love a barefoot shrine.
    I snuggle up as close as I am able.
    An ecstasy of rose and toes is mine.
    Feet stroke my sweater.
    I have to say it doesn't get much better...
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