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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    song of the pebble...

    Were I the lucky pebble in your shoe,
    I'd shoot a little prick of pain to you.
    Then I'd absorb your foot stink, if I could,
    and wallow in your scent. Oh, yes, I would!
    Make me your pebble!
    Squeeze me with toes until I'm singing treble...

    Jackson Grant is the handsome tickle victim over at MFF today. He has a really beautiful penis. I mean, if you like that sort of thing. And wouldn't you like to be a pebble in HIS shoe...
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    a barefoot kiss: the mystical journey...

    I press your naked toes against my lips.
    A barefoot kiss brings to my soul a smile.
    When time has cancelled us with an eclipse,
    tho all is gone, that smile will last a while
    and then ascend
    to where our smiles of love can never end...
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    love and the coffee table...

    Bare feet and roses on the coffee table
    combine to offer love a barefoot shrine.
    I snuggle up as close as I am able.
    An ecstasy of rose and toes is mine.
    Feet stroke my sweater.
    I have to say it doesn't get much better...
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    the fluffer's contract...

    Were I your fluffer, I would fluff so well
    you'd wear a constant smile from ear to ear.
    Our contract would be simple, truth to tell.
    I would require, though some may find it queer,
    as partial pay
    one hour alone with your bare feet each day...

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    coffee table temptation...

    Bare feet and roses, coffee table magic
    dazzles the eyes. Balls tighten up and huddle.
    From somewhere comes a love song sweet and tragic.
    Inside my underwear love makes a puddle.
    I can't resist.
    I skip the roses but the feet get kissed...

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    news flash: coffee table orgy...

    I grab his feet and start to suck intently.
    It takes him just a minute to react.
    He opens up his fly and fingers gently.
    You won't believe the pistol that he packed.
    We're not yet thru,
    but when we are I will get back to you...
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    coffee table blues...

    The coffee table looks a little bleak.
    Bare feet and roses grace its top no more.
    Brain, balls and heart have memories to leak.
    I sit nostalgic on the parlor floor.
    Whose feet will be
    the next to bare their soles and pleasure me?

    Whose feet would you like to see on the coffee table beside the roses?
    I sometimes look thru the Model Directory at MyFriendsFeet and there are so many to choose from. On page 3 I often stop at a model with four wonderful pages of foot and face shots. Carmine is handsome and his feet are gorgeous. If he were propping his feet on my coffee table beside the roses, it wouldn't be the roses I was sniffing...
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    tit for tat...

    Dance barefoot on the ceiling of my heart
    and I will kiss you in your secret places.
    Fondle with unpretentious grace and art
    my chest and nipples with bare-toed embraces
    and I will glow,
    sucking virginity from each big toe...

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    watching late nite TV...

    I hold his long bare feet against my belly.
    They make me feel secure. They comfort me.
    We watch a late nite love film on the tele.
    My dick, first to react demonstrably,
    puffed up, I mean,
    enjoys a barefoot flagellation scene.

    Those toes that flirted with my belly button
    wiggle against my wand. Some people think
    bare feet can't do the job. They don't know nuttin..
    Toes work my penis 'til it holds their stink.
    And when I cum,
    I suck those toes until my lips are numb...

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    the words flow out of you like magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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