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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    A summer breeze blows soft around your balls.
    How do I know? I know because I'm there.
    The sanctuary of four bedroom walls
    reveals the secrets of a body bare.
    Within this space,
    barefoot becomes the world's most happy place...
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    He pressed my face against his pubic hair,
    filling my mouth with manhood's primal taste
    that corresponds to feet when they are bare
    and big toes in my mouth are deftly placed.
    Then there's the smell
    which some call heaven with a hint of hell...
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    stretching options...

    Big toe, big dick - to know 'em is to blow 'em.
    These body parts were made for love and sucking.
    Both feet and dick like flow'rs need care to grow 'em.
    They bloom and then they're ready for the plucking.
    What is more sweet
    than manly mouths that suck on dick and feet...

    Have you seen the pics at MFF today? Marine Larry has feet that are size 15. Now that's what I call a mouth stretcher!!!
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    learning an ex has died...

    We said goodby a long, long time ago,
    so when some friends reported he had died,
    whatever grief I felt, it didn't show.
    "God rest his soul" is all that I replied.
    Nobody hears
    a heart that breaks too numb for normal tears...

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    Their arms and legs collide and interlink.
    Feet on their faces rub a barefoot stink.
    Toes jam their nostrils. Balls begin to scrape.
    Dicks get erect and take a mushroom shape.
    The fun begins.
    They scuffle nude 'til everybody wins...
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    haunted: a toesucker rhapsody...

    As I explored the building's upper levels,
    I saw him sitting barefoot on the floor.
    His ten bare toes, like ten exotic devils,
    bewitched me and I knew I wanted more.

    We reached an understanding man to man.
    He took me to a private room near by.
    I loved his feet as only footguys can.
    The smell will haunt me 'til the day I die...

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    whore house...

    There is a whore house on a quiet street
    where handsome hustlers traffic with their feet.
    They love you with their toes, give you a drink,,
    intoxicate you with their barefoot stink.
    It goes to show
    a lot of guys get off by sucking toe.

    In Room 15 I meet a sexy dude
    who lounges in a jockstrap semi-nude
    Toes work a dick in ways you won't believe.
    You'll cum a couple times before you leave.
    Foot passions drive us.
    Between the orgies, party snacks revive us....
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    to a knockout beauty, maybe one of the world's most handsome toesuckers…

    Your mouth is beautiful when stuffed with feet,
    with toes that leave a taste not sour, not sweet.
    You wrap your lips around a dude's big toe.
    I watch. My own lips form the letter O.
    I jerk a dream.
    Your lips have drenched me with theirr barefoot steam...

    Casey in today's clip from MyFriendFeet is the kind of model that gets guys to swing from the chandelier. What a handsome bruiser!
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    another knockout beauty fantasy...

    Asslove by moonlight serves to entertain us.
    I spread his cheeks and lick his little anus.
    Footlove by dawnlight, much like sucking dick,
    enables me to do my deep-throat trick.
    In darkness deep,
    I kiss his nipples 'til he falls asleep...

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    knockout beauty continued...

    Kiss me when you have sucked a stranger's feet.
    I want to know that stranger's taste and smell.
    When his ejaculation is complete,
    shoot in my mouth drops of his cum as well.
    The stranger's name?
    Perhaps his name is Love. Where is the shame?

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