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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    he sucks his own big toe...

    He sucks his own big toe, cool and refined.
    I think the gods are fucking with my mind.
    Why does he suck his toe? Let's ask the man.
    He says he sucks his toe because he can.

    The dude is beautiful. His toes seduce me.
    I want them to caress me, love me, goose me.
    If he unbuckles, if he drops his pants,
    I'll help his pecker do a happy dance...

    The gorgeous young model Jonathan at MyFriendsFeet today shows that auto-erotic does not mean masturbating in a car. Although it isn't a bad idea...

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    auto-erotic: I got the car, Jonathan, if you got the time...

    You sniff your own bare feet and like the smell.
    I'm pretty sure I'd like the smell as well.
    You let me take a whiff. I like it, too.
    We're getting hard. What ever shall we do?
    Give me the foot we sniffed to suck and lick.
    And if you like, I'll practice on your dick...

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    another auto-erotic fantasy...

    They're sticking thru the window - two bare feet.
    The dude is sleeping in the driver's seat.
    I can't resist. I give the toes a slurp.
    They taste so good I hear an angel burp.

    What happens next, when all is said and done,
    is sodomy with lots of barefoot fun.
    He loves attention to his toes and nipples.
    The bugger's flexible. I think he tipples...

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