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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    love in the bushes...

    Barefoot in Sodom, naked in Gomorrah,
    I follow love's intoxicating aura.
    I lose my underwear in friendly bushes.
    With hugs and tugs, with penis pulls and pushes,
    I do my thing.
    If dicks were dollars, I would go "Ching! Ching!"...

    Remembering a barefoot in the dunes summer...

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    in a barefoot mood...

    What shall we do today, you sexy dude?
    A summer sun is hanging in the sky.
    You're nude and soon we're in a barefoot mood.
    I linger at your feet and you know why.
    I slurp each toe,
    sucking them off like soldiers in a row...

    Christian is tickled today at MFF. Wouldn't you like to use your tongue to salute his ten soldiers in a row below the ankles? Some guys have feet that are so sexy it just makes you glad to see such beauty in the world...
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    His penis vibrates, shoots, then will collapse.
    Intimacy becomes a thing immortal.
    I sniff the soles that gave me barefoot slaps.
    The perfume of his feet is heaven's portal.
    These are the things
    that rival tidal waves and angel wings...

    Good orgasms are like tidal waves. Some guys have feet so beautiful they radiate the mystical enchantment we think of in angel wings. If you doubt that, just look again at the worship clips I've quoted for some of the poems above. And if a guy in one of the clips jerks off and has an orgasm, feel free to go ahead and have one yourself. We won't tell...

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    very nice!!!!!!! thank you for hours and hours of dick jacking entertainment!

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