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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    Ricky and Casey 3: fantasy on a fantasy...

    Buttocks are beautiful. I check the scene,
    kiss left, kiss right, explore the space between.
    Your feet are beautiful in see-thru sox.
    Your toes, when bare, are ten stiff little cocks.
    I suck each one,
    then do whatever to unload your gun...

    Fantasies are still legal, folks. And no animals or humans were hurt in the above fantasy...

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    Off comes a sock. The cam'ra shots expose
    his long bare sole, the webbing of his toes.
    His little toes flare out and leave a space
    for lips and tongue to form a slurping base.
    Barefoot delight
    impels toe-sucking pleasure thru the night...

    Casey has such great good looks. And Ricky already has a number of very exciting clips to his credit. In one of them with Killian, he shows off his powerhouse penis. He stands bare assed and thrusts his hips in an intimate action that makes you wonder if maybe he has an army of volunteer fluffers. And if he does, where do you sign up... Just wondering...

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    His flesh is warm and lush. Bare feet caress me
    intimately. His nimble toes undress me.
    They probe my ball sacks with a barefoot touch.
    I never knew that toes could love so much.
    Rubbing out kinks,
    toes do their thing. Even my sphincter blinks...

    Oh, Casey! Oh, Ricky! More! More!

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    The first touch, the first kiss, and the first fuck
    live on forever in a lover's brain.
    The first barefoot exchange, the first toe suck,
    when all else fails, these somehow will remain
    outside of time
    with angels, light and everything sublime...

    Yes, Casey and Ricky! You have made each other immortal!
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    Hot lips, when you have sucked his gorgeous toes,
    kiss me and transfer their barefooted scent
    into my mouth. I'll pay. The door I'll close
    and do the things whores do to pay the rent.
    What is more sweet
    than heav'n and hell rolled up in two bare feet...
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    Thank God for beauty and the barefoot men
    who show us how to fall in love again.
    Thank God for beaches and a sandy shore
    where ankle vision gives us feet galore.
    Thank God for toes
    to cuddle up with when the night wind blows...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ftlaudft View Post
    Thank you, Stu! You really know the poetry of punctuation! I thought my computer was blowing up!!!
    you are a trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaaahahahahahahahah

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    Stu, we all continue to grow and learn in unexpected ways....

    I measure happiness in sniffs and sucks
    and leave old virtues to the garbage trucks.
    The feet that I brushed off as second rate
    teach me to be a better friend and mate.
    While we watch tele,
    feet educate as they massage my belly...

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    My tongue got stuck between your wiggly toes.
    I was the sex slave to a big toe digit
    that made me promise slurps and oral blows
    and creepy things to make a sphincter fidget.
    When you released me,
    balls flapping in my face showed they policed me...

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    Walk barefoot in my mouth and I will thank you.
    Run thru my hair and I will crank and yank you.
    Let lips unzip your fly to kiss and bless you.
    My teeth will help my fingers to undress you.
    Your big balls pimp you.
    My mouth becomes a john eager to shrimp you...

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