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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    so relaxing , yet so exciting,

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    We try, good buddy! We remember the games we played in the Garden of Eden...

    His feet are passionate. They stroke my cheeks,
    then rub my belly in the early morn.
    Toes tweak my little pecker 'til it leaks.
    We play the Eden game while watching porn.
    Would you believe?
    His toes play Adam to my mouth as Eve...

    Did you see the MFF clip of Johnny Hazzard with Colby Keller rubbing his feet in Johnny's face? Every time I watch it I write a poem - or something...

    Pedal those smelly fuckers in my face
    as insteps form a secret barefoot place.
    Pound toe perfume and sweat into my skin
    as penis plays a game it cannot win.
    In hide-and-seek,
    dicks much too big to hide puff up and freak...
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    the taste of toe...

    I learned the secrets of his toes last night.
    I learned their texture, size and shape as well.
    The taste of toe was an obscure delight
    matching the ecstasy of barefoot smell.
    Love heals the soul.
    Feet keep me human, full of love and whole...
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    bare-assed beauty...

    When he is naked, angels stop their flight
    to marvel at the grandeur of his cock.
    They must confirm that they are seeing right
    this bare-assed beauty of a well hung jock
    whose size 12 feet
    win prizes even when they don't compete...

    Go marvel at the barefoot beauty of handsome Elijah in MyFriendsFeet pics today. He also has to his credit several clips in which he is totally naked. No one looks more delicious when nude than Elijah. What a hunk!
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    feet that pulled an angel right out of the sky...

    The dude was nude. I saw an angel stop
    to marvel at the dude's delicious feet.
    The angel's wings began to flip and flop.
    Grounded, he said to me in accents sweet:
    "I think I'm stuck!
    Let's share his feet. I'll hold 'em. You can suck..."

    Inspired by the MFF clip "Elijah gets off on foot worship." He wasn't the only one...

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    open your legs...

    Open your legs and let me kiss your balls,
    for I belong to them and they, to me.
    Their shapely globes have been my marble halls.
    Bare feet have been my chief felicity.
    I live content
    in life's big roomy house. Love pays the rent...

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    when barefoot dudes need lovin'...

    I let him in, although I hardly knew him.
    But he was barefoot, so I shrimped and blew him.
    Am I too frivolous? Am I too easy?
    Do I have too much fun when feet are cheesy?
    I must confess.
    When barefoot dudes need lovin', I say yes...

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    watching a hot dude masturbate...

    Crouched by his feet, I watch between his toes.
    Fingers pound past the point of no return.
    His barefoot scent fills my complicit nose.
    Cum drops line up, positioned for their turn.
    He shoots a load.
    Deep in my balls I feel the world explode...

    People will often ask what you get out of watching a handsome model like Elijah or Cameron when they jerk off. When they ask what you get out of it, tell them - an erection! What is more natural and wonderful than a good erection and a jack-off session with a handsome dude?

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    the deal...

    He knew he couldn't cross my palm with gold.
    He crossed my heart with penis and it stuck.
    The deal was unconventional and bold.
    He gave me feet and fancy for a fuck.
    It's feet and fancy
    whenever I get horny, hot and antsy...

    Don't ask...

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    bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!

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