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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    just great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You''re always the kindest critic! Here's some more inspired by Chase, Ace, Bruno and all those heroic foot models who spread their legs and show it all!

    His balls are satin in a sea of fuzz;
    in heaven's orchard, apples of delight.
    His manhood throbs in everything he does,
    barefoot by day and naked in the night.
    Between his toes
    a masturbation dream takes off its clothes...

    Much like a monkey sucking apricots
    I tease his balls between my hungry lips
    Slobber of ecstasy leaves tell-tale spots.
    as cum mixed with saliva squirts and drips.
    What can I say?
    Sometimes I think I'm just a little gay...

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    I found my paradise...

    I found my paradise between his toes.
    I sniff his soles and nibble at his heel.
    A big toe plugs me. In and out it goes.
    It barefoots me in ways that make me squeal.
    Who knew? Who knew
    the lovely things that toes in love can do...

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    tax collector...

    To pay my heavy debt, he makes me kneel,
    then warms my cheeks with well-placed barefoot slaps.
    I sniff his toes. I lick his sole and heel
    as virtue deconstructs, sits down and craps.
    In a short while,
    my moral outrage turns into a smile...

    Inspired by Chance Cruise in today's photoshoot at MyFriendsFeet. In a worship clip Lucky Dev encounters Chance as an IRS agent and has a barefoot frolic with him WOW!

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    love crosses the Mason-Dixon Line...

    After the Civil War I met a Yankee
    with expertise in barefoot hanky-panky.
    I never thought I'd love a carpet buggeer,
    but here I am - his full-blown ankle hugger.
    What else I hug
    he sometimes uses as an anal plug...

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    the Holocaust remembered: praying with the grandson of a Nazi...

    Come, let us weep together, you and I!
    Let painful tears merge into pools of hope.
    Martyrs who perished still seem not to die
    but linger in our hearts to help us cope.
    They live again
    because we love. I hear them say Amen...

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    fantasy on a naked model...

    Fingers and toes wreak havoc with my bones,
    ravish my naked flesh, puncture my holes.
    My sighs turn into deep erotic moans.
    I sniff, lap up the sweat of palms and soles.
    As dawn looks in,
    bare feet invent new catalogs of sin...

    In my fantasy I imagine the model's fingers and toes as they ravish, fondle and mess around with my gorgeous body. (Hey! No giggling, please! Trolls need love too, ya know!)

    I wrote this because I reject the notion that our sexual experimentation is sinful or evil. What we do may simply be growing pains as we evolve. I was inspired by the naked beauty of Chase, the MFF model in today's clip. Who wouldn't want to be tickled and messed around with by his fingers and toes... I wonder if he might be looking for a low-maintenance fluffer. Just thinking out loud...
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    thank you! bravo!!!!!!!
    hope u have a merry Christmas and a great holiday season!

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    Thank you, good buddy! I love this time of year! And all the best to you.... Ready for another?

    when wrestlers get hard-ons, what are some barefoot options?

    When wrestling, guys get horny in the grass.
    Feet then may take us to a barefoot place.
    Toes rub a crotch. Heels swivel in my ass.
    Soles drape their magic carpets on my face.
    The neighbors stare.
    We laugh, go in and change our underwear...
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    kissing by the tannenbaum...'

    He sleeps in PJs by the Christmas tree.
    I taste a toe and steal a barefoot kiss.
    Tho Santa's elves make lovely things for me,
    Santa can bring no greater gift than this.
    I kiss a toe
    and suck a joy the elves will never know...

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