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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    sucking his toes when he's lying face down...

    Midnight - the magic hour of barefoot love!
    He lies face down, half-naked on the couch.
    I suck his toes up tighter than a glove.
    He reaches down to fiddle with his pouch.

    Sucking his toes, I sniff his soles and stare
    deep into secret places of his crack.
    His feet, his ass, his everything is bare.
    He starts to jerk. He knows I have his back...

    Yes, that is a long title, but hat's what the poem is about...

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    I was remembering actor Gardner McKay from the old TV series "Adventures in Paradise" and was happy ti find so many good photos of him. He was tall and lanky and had large and rather long feet. Some suggested he may have been the most handsome actor on the planet when he was still here. If I could choose just one of my poems for him to illustrate as a model and to act out with me personally, it would be the following.

    in the mnood…

    Cover my nakedness with your bare feet.
    Be for my balls a jockstrap's barefoot cup.
    Wiggle your toes. I want to smell their heat.
    Jiggle my dick. It's down. I want it up.
    Barefoot me, dude!
    Tickle me with your toes!. I'm in the mood...

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    watching a hot model pleasure himself...

    With masculine exuberance he starts
    an up and down self-stimulating action.
    His cum falls like the rain on all our hearts.
    A barefoot happy dance is our reaction.
    Each drop that falls
    is like a blessing from his very balls...

    Why do we like to watch a hot dude masturbate? I think it pulls us all together in a sense of community. We share our maleness with each other in the jerking off ritual.

    Really, dude! You could at least let me finish the sentence before you start playing with yourself....

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    watching 2...

    The nude Adonis shows us male affection.
    His cum enriches us with manly strength.
    In pairs we give each other an erection,
    tho few can equal his in strength and length.
    But man to man
    we jerk each other off as best we can...

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    foot soldiers ricky and sean…

    The brawny and the beautiful bare digits
    to frolic in a footsy sixty-nine.
    Toes fight like two platoons of naked midgets
    in war games tempered by a little wine.
    The smell of feet
    inspires a barefoot armistice. How sweet!...

    Once again, that magnificent sex animal Ricky Larkin shows us how to do it right with vigor and enthusiasm! Lucky Sean!....

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    does your diet include tofu?

    Harpoon me, dude, with one of your big toes.
    Wiggle it in and I will not be critical.
    We'll both relax. Just push and in it goes.
    So what if it's a little sodomitical.
    Shimmy and shove!
    Puncture and give a push to barefoot love...
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    discovering a foot-friendly summer camp up the coast...

    In a far land of hot and sweaty feet
    I rent me cabin space just for a day.
    Barefoot attendants, off'ring quite a treat,
    rent out their feet for photos, fun and play.
    Dudes on vacation
    press soles, link toes in hot group masturbation...

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    farkin around with larkin…

    Boss Ray, a businessman, desires a quickie.
    Who does he meet? That alpha hunk named Ricky!
    When Ray gets nude, I tell you, just between us,
    each big toe looks as sexy as a penis.
    Watch Ricky do
    sweet things to toes. Ray cums! And so will you...

    Don't miss the instant replay of Ray's cum shot! What a shot! I mean, if you like that sort of thing...
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    a barefoot tickle: precum and release...

    Toes on my nipples work their magic spell.
    They have seduced me with a barefoot tickle.
    Deep in the darkness of my secret well,
    dewdrops from Paradise begin to trickle.
    Orgasm clobbers.
    Somewhere a fallen angel smiles and slobbers...
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    night games in the ball park...

    Like his hand show'r that warms low-hanging balls,
    my lips suck in and cup mouth-friendly spheres.
    As secret lovers meet by garden walls.
    so too bare balls and tongue embrace with tears.
    A penis stands
    on guard, expands, salutes and changes hands...

    Yes, the subject of the poem is tea-bagging. Who says our foot community lacks diversity?
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