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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    sock sucker - an unfinished poem...

    I love to take a guy's old sox and chew 'em.
    Yes! I confess! I'm just a big sock sucker.
    Some guys said no, that is, until I blew 'em.
    So now ...

    I guess I'll have to leave this poem unfinished. I can't find a rhyme for sock sucker...

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    Is there a love that ties it all together,
    that holds the secret to a cosmic plan,
    that answers how and when and if and whether?
    Is love the truth and destiny of Man?
    In all we do,
    is love the question and the answer, too...?

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    He's kneeling barefoot with his back to me.
    His soles are pillows of felicity.
    But I repeat what I have said before.
    I'm not a virgin but I'm not a whore,
    so I'm discreet
    and don't just gobble gobble pretty feet...

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    do you know this guy?...

    The guy is hung like Spain's proverbial goat.
    He shoves it in my mouth and down my throat.
    I gag a little cuz, you know, I'm straight.
    I fag it up when buddies masturbate.
    But I'm not gay.
    Yes, I suck cock. But homo? Me? No way!!!

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    a private foot session...

    Toe-sucking has become my fav'rite sport.
    I like to start the session with a snort.
    Off come the shoes and sox. The sniffing starts,
    accompanied by giggles, belches, farts.
    New barefoot sins
    wipe out the innocence of sheepish grins...

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    by a private lake...

    We met at midnight by a private late.
    He touched me with his toes. His feet were bare.
    My virtue and my balls began to shake.
    Fingers and toes removed my underwear.

    Seated, I put his foot up to my nose.
    I have no words to say how great it smelt.
    His feet made love to me with naked toes.
    I have no words to say how great they felt.

    His kiss was deep, impassioned and sublime,
    bringing me thrills not many men have known.
    Orgasms peaked to take me out of time,
    as barefoot love first claimed me for its own...

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    visit with neighbor...

    He serves a drink. I'm pretty sure he spikes it.
    I rub his feet. I'm pretty sure he likes it.
    Naked in bed, we both give hands and head.
    Then we make love, but use our feet instead.
    Was it the wine?
    I wake up in a barefoot 69...
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    when love goes barefoot...

    His breath is fatal but his balls are fertile,
    and best of all, his feet are sweet as myrtle.
    Tho he may have a bunch of imperfections,
    his toes know how to give me great erections.
    So here's the thing.
    When love goes barefoot, dicks wake up and sing...

    Happy Valentine's Day, buddies!

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    to a messy lover...

    You want to love me when you're hot and sweaty.
    I'd rather eat a plate of cold spaghetti.
    You want to love me when you're hot and smelly.
    I'd rather kiss an aardvark on the belly.
    Clean up your hutch
    and give me clean bare feet! Is that too much...?

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    to an ex (who was once a one and only)...

    I loved you then. I'm not so sure today.
    I was in love with love and sex was great.
    But that was then. Somewhere we lost our way.
    The loving stopped and now the hour is late.
    In a new dawn
    I'm still in love with love, but you are gone...

    It's always sad to lose a lover. But when you say goodby to a one and only, you still have the rest of the planet. Ya gotta check the inventory! Look at all the pretty new models at sites like MFF and others. There's always tomorrow. Why wait until tomorrow? Whatcha doin' this afternoon...?

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