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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    in memory of a dear friend...

    From Time into the Timelessness of God
    each life flows like a river to the sea.
    Whoever lived, whoever loved, has trod
    the golden staircase of eternity.
    Are you aware
    love is the rainbow bridge from here to there?...

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    in memory 2...

    Scatter my ashes on the village green
    where bare feet skip and run without a care.
    When naked soles are stomping, fresh and clean,
    on tender blades of grass, I will be there
    to kiss the feet
    that made life meaningful, good and complete...
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    give me your sox...

    Give me your sox, a jockstrap and a glove.
    Smother me with the mystery of love.
    Walk with me barefoot by the river bed.
    Bathed in the moonlight, let me give you head.
    How strange, how rare,
    this love that humbles me when feet are bare...

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    give me your sox 2...

    Give me your sox, a jockstrap and a tissue.
    Join in if privacy is not an issue.
    Love is the music floating in the air.
    The smell of love is sox and underwear.
    Fingers get wetter.
    A sniff, a whack, and I'll be feeling better...

    For further self-stimulation material, check out the wonderful video clips of today's MFF tickle victim Chase LaChance and... Oh, excuse me! I see you've already started...

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    walk on me barefoot...

    Walk on me barefoot. Master me with feet.
    Feed me the toes that make a love complete.
    Massage with soles that kiss and never tell.
    Big toes, plug up my nostrils with a smell.
    Fondle my bones
    until they think your feet are barefoot drones...

    Yes, walk on me barefoot, but only if you weigh 150 pounds or less. I'm not a trampoline, ya know...
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    watching porn with a trusted friend...

    He grips my penis with his anal lips,
    squeezes and vibrates 'til it shoots and drips.
    I pull out, lift a foot and suck his toes.
    The gates of heaven open up and close.
    It's tit for tat.
    We both get off. There's nothing wrong with that...

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    His body parts have redefined male beauty,
    beginning with his penis. What a cutie!
    He bares his balls and passion tells a story.
    The snake line of his anus leads to glory.
    The guy's a mensch!
    Even his toejam has a manly stench...

    I just finished watching a Logan McCree DVD. Of course I don't really have proof that his toejam has a manly stench but I just know it's true...

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    Beau does it right...

    Handsome is what beau means, just so you know -
    handsome from head to cock, from cock to toe.
    He spreads his legs. His lovely balls are bare.
    His penis makes you wish that you were there.
    His feet incite
    a worldwide jerking off. Beau does it right...

    Thank you, Beau and Trent! The world is a more beautiful place because of guys like you...

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    beau 2...

    His nakedness grabs beauty by the balls
    and bounces dreams like ping-pong on the walls.
    From open windows comes the sexy smell
    of feet or angel farts, no one can tell.
    We knock and say,
    "Naked or not, can Beau come out and play?"...

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