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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    foot freak to alpha male...'

    You want a shrimp job? Sit down in the chair!
    You know the price - your sox and underwear.
    Here's the routine. I suck your tits and feet
    between the toes. Call it my special treat.
    What's with the dick?
    Put it away! Ya wanna make me sick?...

    This poem is definitely NOT an illustration for today's offering from MyFriendsFeet of Jace and Ricky. I would NEVER tell Jace to put it away. Jace would ALWAYS be welcome to put it any place he wanted!

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    our love is divine...

    A snoopy angel, peeking thru a cloud,
    surprised us in a barefoot sixty-nine.
    Our moans were passionate, intense and loud.
    Our sex was human and our love divine.
    The angel flexed
    his wings and flew away, a bit perplexed...

    Well, aren't you sometimes perplexed by the great mystery of sex and love...

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