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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    can this be love?: another Casey fantasy...

    I want to lick his tits and all his holes.
    I want to sniff the bottoms of his soles.
    I want his toes to violate my tongue.
    I want my throat to measure how he's hung.
    I want my lips
    on active duty when his penis drips...

    OK, so this moment of cyberlove won't lead to a marriage certificate or even a one-night stand at the Motel Sleazola. But it wiil lead to a life-affirming fantasy. When I look at the MFF clip of Ray and Casey and view close-ups of Ray's sexy feet and Casey's handsome face, my heart beats a little faster. My fingers stroke with a little more enthusiasm. And my dick shoots a little further into a world made more beautiful by these gorgeous hunks who share their intimacy!

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    personal interlude...

    Into the temple of your naked soles
    I press my nostrils and adoring face.
    The subtle incense of your toe sweat rolls
    between the toes from place to secret place.
    I sniff and lick
    and squeeze sweet rhythms from my loving dick...

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    squeeze me...

    Squeeze my balls gently when you have to leave,
    when dawnlight on our barefoot rapture falls.
    One final quickie we may still retrieve
    within the primal space of bedroom walls.
    What happens here
    shows love of feet is beautiful, not queer...

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    a quickie with Ricky: all Hans on dick...

    When love goes barefoot between bedroom walls,
    pick up a foot, suck life into the toes,
    while he plays bouncy-bouncy with his balls,
    slapping his pleasure tube until it flows.
    Suck toe and nibble!
    Views of his crack and balls will make you dribble...

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