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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    golden boys (MFF models)…

    The golden boys who give me dick and toe
    may be the only angels I will know.
    They are my paradise, and when I die,
    somewhere beyond the earth, beyond the sky,
    their angel feet
    will make eternity more safe, mre sweet...

    We have a special bond with those beautiful men who share their intimacy with us. We are so lucky, so blessed....

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    Lover, you are the only dude I know
    who makes me crazy with just one big toe.
    You plug my mouth. I feel a big toe wiggle
    just like a cock tongue teased into a jiggle.
    The barefoot stress
    launches our dicks into a double mess...

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    I have a secret love for homo feet.
    Maybe it's not so secret anymore.
    I follow barefoot strangers in the street
    and spend a lot of time down on the floor.
    What can I say?
    My ankle vision sees the world this way...

    Sawyer has lovely feet in the MFF pics today. Maybe they aren't homo feet, but who's perfect?

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    Sometimes I date a dude and pull his shoes off,
    immerse his feet in wine, then suck the booze off.
    It's really not the wine that gets me drunk
    but rather fumes from sexy feet that stunk.
    Those barefoot smells
    rattle my balls and ring my chapel bells...

    I wonder how Sawyer's feet stink. Well, I was just admiring his beautiful toes and couldn't help but wonder. There is a sure way of finding out and I think we have an army of truth seekers here who would volunteer for the fact finding mission...

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    He claims his feet don't stink. I have the proof
    they do. My proof? His sox that once seduced me.
    I sniffed those sox and went right thru the roof
    as tho a lovestruck elephant had goosed me.
    A long time after
    my underwear was hanging from the rafter...

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    I want to press my face between your feet
    and breathe an ecstasy of paradise.
    Your toes that radiate a barefoot heat
    gently exhale a perfume of great price.
    Bare soles connect
    with dreams that leave me hopeful and erect...

    Inspired by close-ups of Sawyer's soles that seem to jump right thru my computer screen and slap me into a delightful fantasy of feet, fun and toe fellatio...

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    His naked feet demand our full attention
    shocking all sensibilities into suspension.
    Hot toes reach out to masturbate and wank you.
    After you suck 'em, fuck 'em. They will thank you.
    His feet reveal
    all options foot love has from toe to heel...

    I just can't resist those close-ups...

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    The scent and texture of bare feet possess me
    when toes conspire to fondle and undress me.
    With every whiff my soul begins to fly
    where feet love feet and no one wonders why.
    Love has no muzzle.
    Sometimes you need to grab a foot and guzzle...

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    Infatuation may be just the term
    to properly define the strange emotion
    I feel at midnight when I drink his sperm
    mixed with his barefoot sweat, love's secret potion
    sucked from his toes
    as feet and dick compete beneath my nose...

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    I take two lovers to my king size bed.
    One pleasures feet. The other dicks my head.
    Laws used to say what is or isn't kissable.
    New laws have made amazing things permissible.
    In perfect ratio
    we three perform triangular fellatio...
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