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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    cute, i like it!!!!!!!!!!

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    Gracias, amigo Stu! And the madness continues...

    to scale the heights...

    I want to press my face against your soles;
    fondle assorted digits, tits and holes;
    breathe in the essence of your taste and smell;
    push passion past the gates of heav'n and hell.
    My goal is this:
    to scale the heights of perfect barefoot bliss...

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    who knows?

    I want to press my face against your soles.
    Give me the ecstasy of taste and smell.
    I need a barefoot dream to heal the holes
    my heart sustained in fights with heav'n and hell.
    And yet, who knows,
    the road to heav'n may lie between your toes...

    I try to show here that a sex act based on our particular fetish can and should be a valid and positive experience. I try to show as well that many of us have experienced condemnation and discrimination from religious and moral authorities. This is suggested by the words referring to our fight with heaven and hell. I add that the concept of heaven that floats through many discussions may be the place where many of us find our own unique heaven right in our sexual experience. The sex act we identify with may in fact be the healthy route in which we find the individual fulfillment and ultimate satisfaction we all are looking for. Love is always the answer and our kind of love is healthy and good.
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    bare toes half in my mouth...

    Bare toes half in my mouth are proof for me
    that beauty, God and love exist today.
    Vibrations from a barefoot ecstasy
    reveal the truths mere words could never say.
    A little toe
    jabs playfully. I think it's in the know...

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    a buddy system workout...

    I use his toes to exercise my nipples.
    It helps create a special bond between us.
    Then when my passion pump fills up and ripples,
    I use his toes to exercise my penis.
    Call me an ape -
    my tits and dick are all in lovely shape...

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    MORE, MORE, MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Applause!

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    What an audience! Thanks, Stu!

    barefoot and beautiful...

    My life took off at first in wrong directions,
    leaving me with impossible erections.
    But then I met a mellow barefoot prince
    and followed his bare footprints ever since.
    I follow blindly.
    Barefoot and beautiful, he treats me kindly...

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    suburban rhapsody...

    From soft to hard, then hard to soft again -
    such is the common history of men.
    I see my neighbor's barefoot in the yard.
    I watch. Uh-oh! I think it's getting hard.
    He's really cute.
    I sucked his right big toe once. It's a beaut...

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    mister right in the lost and found...

    I didn't find Prince Charming in the bars,
    nor did I find Prince April in the clubs.
    A barefoot gypsy sleeping 'neath the stars
    offered to give me special belly rubs.
    Oh, what a guy!
    He loved me with his feet! Oh, me! Oh, my!...

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    Tho penis is a focus of desire,
    my tongue may go where few men dare to go
    to shoot his ass with flames of friendly fire.
    If he is barefoot, I may sniff a toe
    and suck it, too.
    Feet share the focus. So does ass. Who knew?

    Looking at the recent shots of MFF's Carmine and Ginger Jackson, I have to admit if they dropped their pants I would be the first to stare and probably drool. But I have to wonder if anything they showed would excite me more than their beautiful bare feet already do...

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