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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    absolutely awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so damn sexy, thank you.
    hope u had a nice holiday and new year..............
    I'm looking forward to another years worth of your sexy
    erotic stimulating words! thank you!

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    What a good buddy you are, Stu! I can't tell you how much your kind support means to me! You are the best. I am so lucky to have a friend like you!

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    flash me...

    Take off your shoes and flash me with your feet.
    I'll suck your toes, the whole kit and kaboodle.
    Vaseline on your toes completes the treat
    as greased-up digits diddle with my doodle.
    We both cum twice.
    Handshakes and toe-jerks do it all quite nice..
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    Quote Originally Posted by ftlaudft View Post
    What a good buddy you are, Stu! I can't tell you how much your kind support means to me! You are the best. I am so lucky to have a friend like you!
    feelings mutual my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    receiving a foot job for the first time...

    One day a barefoot gypsy came to town.
    When we were both alone, just he and I,
    I dared him to remove my virgin frown.
    That night I left his tent a happy guy.
    Some jocks use cocks.
    This dude worked fully dressed save shoes and socks...

    Do you have a barefoot gypsy in your past? Did he look like Ace or Bruno or Cat or Rocky or Cameron or Justin? Your secret is safe with us...

    they call him Twinkletoes...

    They call him Twinkletoes. This barefoot prince
    relieves the ache for many a horny guy,
    though proper folk may look askance and wince,
    watching his naked toes unzip a fly.
    Toes on a dick
    strum as on harp strings with a human pick...

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    foot fun...

    He rubs my belly with a big bare sole.
    Toes pull and tug tufts of my pubic hair.
    Twinges of longing jab a secret hole,
    proving the awesome pow'r of feet when bare.
    Toes on my dick
    tickle the underside, and then they flick...

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    toes on a penis...

    Bare feet that ravish nipples in the night
    excite intensely in a carnal way
    'til tits and toes explode with mad delight,
    highlighting sex in a new barefoot way.
    Toes on a penis
    excite beyond the wildest dreams of Venus...
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    he probes my nakedness...

    He probes my nakedness with his two feet.
    The heat of passion streams from either sole.
    The taste of love, the smell of love is sweet.
    Can this be love without a friendly hole?
    My dick explodes.
    Bare feet take sex down love's less traveled roads...

    I confess! I ran a stop sign! Can I go to jail with Kenny?
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    this taste of feet...

    Is it the taste of love, this taste of feet,
    left by a barefoot stranger in the night,
    filling my mouth with ecstasy so sweet
    no future love without it will seem right?

    The gods themselves have learned a thing or two
    from footsie games of men. Their int'rest grows
    as earthlings frolic naked in the dew
    and Eros, god of love, sucks mortal toes...
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    the role of digital stimulation in nipplemania...

    He fingers me in his familiar way,
    fanning the flames my nipples cannot hide;
    then using toes in barefoot nippleplay,
    he takes my tits on one long tickle ride.
    Digital pleasure
    results in loads I don't know how to measure...

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