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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    were I a pimple...

    Were I a pimple on your purple penis,
    I'd suck your warmth when you got big and thick.
    Hard-ons would feed the carnal bond between us.
    You'd be my joy - a barefoot bugger's dick.
    I'd watch you fiddle
    and feel you jerk, ejaculate and piddle...
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    when push comes to shove...

    When barefoot love goes toe to toe with penis,
    great balls of fire may shock your little anus.
    When toes and dick join forces in between us,
    love will find novel ways to entertain us.
    When feet show love,
    then penis is the push that comes to shove...

    It's not either or. It's both...

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    awkward moment...

    Be careful when your secret passions sizzle.
    An awkward moment makes a daydream fizzle.
    My roommate, lounging barefoot on the couch,
    catches me staring at his feet, the grouch!
    That's right, dear roomie!
    I'm staring at your feet! So what? So sue me!!!
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    so intense!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I love intense! Don't you? Maybe I could use it for a title...


    His big toe wiggles gently on my lips
    as angels moving slowly thru the sky
    first gawk and gasp, then twirl in double flips.
    Love becomes bold. Feet are no longer shy.
    My mouth breathes in
    a barefoot ecstasy from nose to chin...

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    a silly bet...

    I sucked his finger on a silly bet,
    slobbered profusely, got the bugger wet.
    The dude was hot and bothered, wanted more.
    Off came the shoes. Bare feet flapped on the floor.
    What happened next
    defines the terms foot freaks and oversexed...

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    the limits of delight...

    His feet provoke a quiet ecstasy.
    An awesome flush pervades my balls and bones.
    A barefoot rush thrills every part of me.
    I drink the music of unearthly tones.
    Sphincters snap tight
    as feet explore the limits of delight...

    I was just reviewing MFF' clip of Casey's hot work on Ray's toes and ...

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