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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    Gag me with feet and stifle me with toes.
    I want to drink their stink thru every pore.
    Show me the range of barefoot highs and lows.
    Rub me bare-assed and horny on the floor.
    Gag me with love.
    Pedal me gently when push comes to shove...

    I blew a guy from faraway Peru.
    His dick was like all other dicks. Who knew?
    His feet, however, were another thing.
    They had a scent to make an angel sing.
    Guy smells will differ.
    I know it's true cuz I'm the Phantom Sniffer!...

    I brave the little waves of normal size.
    Someday the big one comes to finalize.
    That's just the way it is. The wise men say,
    Take comfort in the thought of God's Eighth Day
    when we will be
    each one a bubble in eternity...

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    He dances barefoot on my heart's glass roof.
    Feet are magicians. His bare soles are proof.
    I watch them and I fall beneath their spell.
    They whisper heaven has a barefoot smell.
    I stare above
    and clothe my nakedness with dreams of love...

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