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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    meatballs and memories...

    Today at noon I had meatballs for lunch
    and right away they made me think of you.
    We used to get our undies in a bunch
    when balls and feet found crazy things to do.
    You'd use your toes
    to open doors your penis had to close...
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    computer check with extras...

    The young technician lingers in the den.
    The old familiar game starts up again.
    I tell him to relax, take off his shoes
    and offer him some snacks, a little booze.
    Feet become bare.
    His toes explore my skimpy underwear...

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    barefoot provocateur...

    Barefoot provocateur and my dream master,
    feet that are flesh look more like alabaster.
    Your ass slopes are the very hills of heaven.
    On scales of one to ten they're an eleven.
    Viewing your crotch,
    saints drinking lemonade have switched to Scotch...
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    all simply wonderful, as always!

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    Thanks again, Stu! Did you see the nice illustration of Cameron and Rico that Footlover28 used to illustrate Behind Closed Doors? With work like that and your kind remarks, I think we may have cornered the Foot Porn Poetry Market! Here's another...

    barefoot provocateur 2...

    Barefoot provocateur, I'm here! Provoke me!
    Tickle my tits with toes. Slap me and poke me!
    Rub me from head to toe. Let bare feet measure me.
    Focus between my legs. Let bare feet pleasure me.
    And when you're thru,
    I've got a few things I can do for you...

    Just who do you suppose this barefoot provocateur is? We've got a lot to choose from. Sergey is the tickle victim at MFF today and I notice that he's been worshiped before in clips with Cameron and Justin. Cameron of course has had sessions with Colt Rivers, Josh Long and so many others. But it's not only the worshiped guys who are possibilities. What about Cameron and Justin and the other worshipers who provoke us with their marvelous barefoot antics! Why choose just one? I love this planet. Let's keep it going...
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    taco bill...

    While chasing butterflies on Jersey Hill,
    I met a Latin hunk called Taco Bill.
    He taught me Spanish, just a word or two.
    I showed him what the footsy people do.
    I sucked his toes.
    What else we did only his pipi knows...

    Papi, pipi, pinga - who can keep all those words straight? And there are other ways of communication...

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    barefoot provocateur 3...

    Barefoot provocateur, your feet bewitch.
    Take off your shoes and socks. I'll be your bitch.
    I'll rise at dawn, jew'l of your all-male harem,
    to kiss your feet, to bathe 'em and to air 'em.
    I'll give you care
    so long as you run barefoot thru my hair...

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    it's not exactly love...

    It's not exactly love, but what it is
    only the passing angels can define:
    angels who drink from cups marked his and his:
    who get their highs from feet as well as wine:
    who feel emotions
    enhanced by feet and smells and certain lotions...

    I was just watching the MFF clip of Cameron with Josh Long and it always leaves me with that certain feeling... Now, I'm not saying that I think either Cameron or Josh is an angel. But if I thought they were, I'd leave my windows open at night so they could fly in anytime they wanted. Talk about barefoot provocateurs!
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    song of the troll...

    Angels in jockstraps kick their sneakers off
    to frolic barefoot on the nudie beach.
    From a safe hiding place behind a trough,
    I spy their footwear well within my reach.
    I borrow one
    beat up old sneaker for some private fun...

    Feel free to harmonize and act out...

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    barefoot provocateur 4...

    Barefoot provocateur, give me a ride.
    Toe rub my penis underside until
    orgasms like the sea roll in, subside.
    Love is the mem'ry of a cosmic thrill.
    Your barefoot tickle
    reduces rockhard penis to a trickle...

    And there are so many ways to do the above. Maybe someday MyFriendsFeet will publish a pictorial Foot Sex Kama Sutra using stills from its clips.

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