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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    love made eternal...

    I think of those I loved and know somehow,
    wherever in the vast and timeless Now
    they roam, they also ask, what did it mean.
    What did we learn from our romantic scene?
    Love was our bliss -
    love made eternal in a barefoot kiss...

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    He crunched me with his toes. He got my ears,
    twisting and tweaking. I fought back the tears.
    He got my tits where crunch became a tickle.
    It felt so good precum began to trickle.
    Toes crunched my crotch.
    Love made a mess. You won't believe the splotch...

    Most of the models at MFF include generous samples of toe crunching in their photoshoots. Christian Fitt, for example, in his photoshoot Dress Socks and Feet, illustrates toe crunching beautifully. No, I don't think he can play a Grieg piano concerto with his toes. No, I doubt if he can type 30 words a minute with his toes. But a toe crunch has possibilities you may not have considered. Picture Christian doing a toe crunch and then carry it over in your mind to a body part. Feels good, doesn't it?
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    morning glory...

    I watch his lovely penis flop around.
    His bashful balls, his birdie beat the air.
    My lips on toes project the sucking sound
    of passion for his feet and all things bare.
    Dick flops and flies.
    I suck his toes but can't uncross my eyes...

    This morning I was watching the clip of Michael Fitt Tickled Nude Part 2 and once again was mesmerized by the beauty of his private parts. Some things are just so very beautiful! Michael's dick and balls seriously fall in that category.
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    the boarder...

    He walked about, his open bathrobe showing
    a total disregard for moral order.
    My curiosity of course kept growing
    about this handsome always barefoot boarder.

    I was determined to seduce the dude,
    but when I reached his room prepared to do it,
    I found him well accompanied and nude.
    You see, another boarder beat me to it.

    The lovers lay buck naked head to toe,
    sucking for fare thee well with nothing hid.
    They signaled me to join their bare-assed show,
    and so I did. Oh yes! And so I did.

    Three guys in bed! They say that three's a crowd,
    but feet and dicks don't need a master plan.
    I have to say the crowd was well endowed,
    and guess who got to be the middle man...
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    I tasted love...

    I tasted love when his big toe seduced me.
    Inside my crack it wiggled as it goosed me.
    It opened up my mouth, subdued my tongue
    and left a barefoot taste forever young.
    The taste and smell
    are seen by some as heaven's dinner bell...

    Whose big toe would you like to be seduced by? Matthew? Christian? Braden? Marshall? Jet? If you pick more than three from the list, you are being frivolous!

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    touch me...

    Touch me with naked feet. Barefooted stroking
    with toes that wiggle satisfies my soul.
    Let wiggling toes keep probing, prodding, poking
    my face, my crotch, perhaps a random hole.
    Bare feet and jizz
    define my destiny. That's all there is...

    Well, maybe that's a bit extreme. Maybe it's not everything. I look at the photoshoots of all the recent models and don't necessarily want to marry them. It would just be nice to cuddle up with their bare feet for a night or two. But there are other things in life. I mean, like there's .... well, give me a minute. I'll think of something...

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    a rather naughty ditty - not to be read by those under 70...

    I felt the prick of love. It was his penis
    that energized me to compose a sonnet.
    But then he stuck his big bare foot between us.
    I grabbed a random toe and slobbered on it.
    It did the trick.
    I still suck dick but toes first get a lick...

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    foot fun...

    Run barefoot thru my pubic hair. Caress me.
    Toe tickle balls like angel wings that bless me.
    Use your broad soles as skateboards on my abs.
    Keep balls and dick alert with friendly jabs.
    Foot fun begins
    as naughty toes invent new barefoot sins...

    Ace...sigh...wordless gasps covering up a messy ejaculation...

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    the sweet smell of success...

    Between big toes and index toes the space
    can be a designated sniffing place
    where gentlemen enjoy your barefoot scent
    for just a modest sum. We'll call it rent.
    Increase the rate
    for horny dudes who try to masturbate...

    A whiff! A whiff! My kingdom for a whiff!

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    toe therapy...

    .Well, no one said the going would be easy.
    Sometimes it helps to be a little sleazy.
    Like heavy balls, life is a sack of woes
    lightened when tickled by expressive toes.
    A barefoot fling
    is just the thing to make the birdie sing...

    Nito's expressive toes light up the screen at MFF today. He has not only expressive toes but a lovely expressive penis - always a winning combo! He jacks off beautifully in previous film clips...

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