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Thread: safety alert for men who wear short pants and no underwear

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    road map for an emission (nocturnal but it could be afternoon-al, too)...

    I wake up in the middle of the night.
    His big toe pacifies me right away.
    A barefoot belly rub gives such delight
    orgasmic dribbling enters into play.
    Toes in the crotch
    jab out a messy but impressive splotch...

    Inspired by MFF's Johnny Hazzard clips. Johnny is one of my heroes. Cock is beautiful! Feet are beautiful! Put them together and you get a great Johnny Hazzard clip - and sometimes a poem!
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    love story...

    It started as a whiff, a little smell,
    in the back alleys where his luscious toes,
    his awesome soles, his manly heels as well,
    seduce the fragile sensors of my nose.
    I find relief
    shrimping his toes like hound dogs with roast beef...

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    Every so often, when I reread something I've written, I ask myself what was I really trying to say in the poem. In the poem "This Taste of Feet," I see some ideas that are very important and meaningful to me. Here's the poem again.

    Is it the taste of love, this taste of feet,
    left by a barefoot stranger in the night,
    filling my mouth with ecstasy so sweet
    no future love without it will seem right?

    The gods themselves have learned a thing or two
    from footsie games of men. Their int'rest grows
    as earthlings frolic naked in the dew
    and Eros, god of love, sucks mortal toes...

    The poem asks the basic question of foot love: is it a legitimate expression of lovemaking. Love is an abstract feeling that can be expressed concretely in many ways, some more socially acceptable than others. My answer to the basic question is that feet are a valid object of desire in the love act, especially for those who have the gift of sensitivity to feet. In the second part of the poem the gods, who are supposed to represent the highest standards, not only approve but actually join in and we see Eros, god of love, proving the point by shrimping a mortal.

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    toes are my destiny...

    Come to me barefoot at the midnight hour.
    Toes are my destiny. On my divan
    I want to sniff your toes just like a flow'r.
    I want to sniff and suck them man to man.
    Destiny calls,
    and when it calls, I grab it by the balls...

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    Footmaster, teach my dickey bird to sing.
    Twiddle it with your toes until it shoots.
    You are my absolute, my barefoot king.
    I lick your sox, your underwear, your boots.
    Can this be love?
    Your twiddling toes say yes. They push.. They shove...

    Braden is the exclusive tickle model at MFF today. He appears in a number of exciting video clips, one of which features handsome Link, the grand footmaster of all footmasters. Link is the inspiration for this poem and when you watch the clip, you will be amazed at the erotic beauty of his twiddling feet. When you watch, be sure to keep a jar of Vaseline handy...
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    his toes stink lovely...

    His toes stink lovely as an angel's fart.
    I suck them with a love right from the heart.
    His toes caress my belly, balls and nipples,
    tickling until the double pleasure triples.
    I love this guy!
    His 10 bare toes are 10 good reasons why...

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